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A. For purposes of this chapter, the word “street” will be used to describe all road types.

B. When changing street names, the following road types shall be considered:

1. Avenue. Roads generally running perpendicular to main thoroughfares.

2. Circle. Short road that returns to itself; circular or semi-circular roads.

3. Court. Permanently closed road such as a cul-de-sac; dead-end road, usually under 1,000 feet in length; or horseshoe-shaped road.

4. Lane. Fire road or private road.

5. Loop. Short drive that begins and ends on the same road.

6. Road. Most common designation for a secondary thoroughfare; generally indicates a heavily traveled route.

7. Street. Roads generally running perpendicular to avenues.

8. Drive. Roads which do not have a directional course.

Additional road types may be considered. [Ord. FY2016-20 §2, 2016; Ord. 01-06 §2].