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In order to carry out the provisions of this title and to ensure the continued viability of utility airports for safe aircraft operations, regulations restricting the height and placement of structures, storage of materials, and parking of vehicles and aircraft are applied to all land contiguous to or adjoining utility airports in the borough. Further, in recognition of the historical development patterns around Lilly Lake (from the airstrip to Larch Street) and any other lands over which any aircraft is required to fly or make a safe approach, when landing or taking off in connection with the use of the Kodiak Municipal Airport, Lilly Lake, or a utility airport.

A. All development and/or use of any land contiguous to or adjoining Lilly Lake, the municipal airport, or a utility airport shall comply with airport height limitations and airport setback requirements. Further, structures, buildings, or equipment shall not be located in such a manner as to project into an approach surface, a clear zone, a parking zone, or a runway clear zone.

B. Zoning compliance shall not be issued for any activity involving the placement of fill in Lilly Lake, with the exception of docks less than 30 inches above the water, located within the parking zone and for the sole purpose of seaplane parking.

C. Zoning compliance shall not be issued for any structure located on land contiguous to or adjoining Lilly Lake that projects from the land out over the lake.

D. All newly established utility airports shall be designed and located to comply with Federal Aviation Administration Advisory Circular No. 150/5300-4B for utility airports. [Ord. 87-09-O §2, 1987. Formerly §17.03.100].