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A. Vacancies on service area boards, other than by expiration of the member’s term, are created when a member:

1. Fails to qualify or take office within 30 days after election or appointment;

2. Is physically absent from the municipality for 90 consecutive days unless excused by the board, committee, or commission;

3. Resigns and the resignation is accepted;

4. Is physically or mentally unable to perform the duties of office as determined by two-thirds vote of the board;

5. Is convicted of a felony or of an offense involving a violation of the oath of office;

6. No longer physically resides in the municipality and the board, committee, or commission by two-thirds vote declares the seat vacant; this subsection does not apply to a member of the board, committee, or commission who forfeits office under AS 29.20.140(a); or

7. If a member of the board, committee, or commission misses three consecutively held regular meetings and is not excused.

B. If a member of the board, committee, or commission misses one-half of the meetings held in any year of his or her term in office, each year between November 1st and October 31st, the seat shall be automatically vacated.

C. The service area board shall notify the clerk of a vacancy on the board. The clerk shall cause notice thereof to be published at least twice in a newspaper of general circulation within the borough. The notice shall set forth the vacancies and any qualifications of members.

D. The clerk shall provide a standard application form for interested persons to complete. The form, letters or other expressions of interest shall be made to the clerk who shall forward copies to the service area board.

E. The service area board may submit its nomination of a person from the submitted applications to fill the vacancy to the assembly. The assembly shall appoint a new member selected from the submitted applications for the remaining unexpired term. [Ord. FY2008-15 §3, 2008; Ord. 91-04 §2, 1991; Ord. 80-29-O §1, 1980].