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A. Notice of any public hearing required under this chapter shall be given in accordance with subsections B and C of this section.

B. Forms of notice of a public hearing, as follows:

1. Publication in a newspaper of general circulation in the borough at least once a week for two consecutive weeks prior to the public hearing; and

2. Mailing at least 15 days before the public hearing to all record owners of property proposed to be assessed under the assessment district. As used in this subsection, “record owner” means the person or persons listed as the owner of the property on the current property tax records of the assessor. The notice shall be mailed to the record owner at the address stated in the current property tax records of the assessor.

C. Every notice of a public hearing required by this section shall state the date, time, location and purpose of the public hearing, describe the improvement, and, for the notice by mail, state the amount of the estimated or actual assessment against the property of the addressee. The notice by mail shall generally inform the addressee of the manner and method of protesting or objecting to the action to be taken at the public hearing.

D. The failure of any person to receive any notice required by this chapter, where the records of the borough indicate the notice was provided in a timely and proper manner, shall not affect the validity of any proceeding under this chapter. [Ord. 80-29-O §1, 1980].