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A. A licensee shall surrender a license within five days after:

1. A revocation of license;

2. A cessation of business;

3. A change of ownership; or

4. A change of place of business.

B. The finance director may suspend or revoke a license under this chapter:

1. For violation of this chapter or a regulation of the borough adopted pursuant to this chapter; or

2. If a licensee ceases to act in the capacity for which the license was issued.

C. No marijuana business whose license is suspended or revoked shall operate during suspension of revocation. No disciplinary proceeding or action is barred or abated by the expiration, surrender, or renewal of a license issued under this chapter.

D. The borough clerk will inform the Alaska Marijuana Control Board of a licensee’s failure to pay tax due or to file a return as required by KIBC 3.70.050 and will initiate license suspension or revocation proceedings by filing an accusation as provided in AS 17.38.090. [Ord. FY2017-27 §2, 2017].