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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Res. FY2022-19 Confirming Funding for the Salvation Army Food Bank for Providing Food Resources for the Homeless and Disadvantaged Residents of the Kodiak Island Borough to Offset Significant Revenue Loss During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency 12/16/2021 Special
Res. FY2022-18 Confirming Application for the State of Alaska ARPA Local Government Lost Revenue Relief Program (LGLRRP) to Offset Significant Revenue Loss Due to The COVID-19 Public Health Emergency 12/2/2021 Special
Res. FY2022-17 Adopting an Alternative Allocation Method for the FY22 Shared Fisheries Business Tax Program and Certifying That This Allocation Method Fairly Represents the Distribution of Significant Effects of Fisheries Business Activity in FMA 13: Kodiak Area 12/16/2021 Special
Res. FY2022-16 Authorizing the Manager to Accept and Expend American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Funds for the Benefit of the Residents of the Borough 11/18/2021 Special
Ord. FY2022-06 Amends §§3.35.030(D) and (E), real property tax 11/4/2021 Codified
Res. FY2022-15 Approving the Annual 2022 Borough Calendar 12/16/2021 Special
Res. FY2022-14 Reserved
Res. FY2022-13 Approving a Three-Year Extension of the Contract and Appointing the Borough Attorney 11/4/2021 Special
Res. FY2022-12 Ratifying and Certifying the Results of the Municipal Election Held on October 5, 2021 10/12/2021 Special
Res. FY2022-11 Adopting a State Legislative Capital Improvement Projects Priority List for the 2022 Legislative Session 11/18/2021 Special
Res. FY2022-10 Agreeing to the Terms of the Alaska Opioid Settlements Negotiated by the State of Alaska and Approving the Participation in the Alaska Opioid Settlement Agreements by the Kodiak Island Borough 10/7/2021 Special
Res. FY2022-09 Designating the Individual Who Will Serve as Temporary Administrative Official During the Absence of the Kodiak Island Borough Manager 9/16/2021 Special
Res. FY2022-08 Appointing Members to the Kodiak Fisheries Development Association’s Board of Directors 9/16/2021 Special
Ord. FY2022-05 Amends §7.30.020, precincts and polling places 9/2/2021 Codified
Res. FY2022-07 Approving the Hire of an Associate Planner in the Community Development Department at Step F, Range 20.5 of KIBC Salary Schedule and Approving Relocation Expense 8/19/2021 Special
Res. FY2022-06 Designating Precincts, Where the Voter Turnout Was Less Than 100 Voters at the Last Regular Election, as Ballot by Mail Precincts 9/2/2021 Special
Res. FY2022-05 Approving Fiscal Year 2022 Nonprofit Funding 8/5/2021 Special
Ord. FY2022-04 Initiates ballot measure providing authority to fund post-secondary education programs provided by Kodiak College, adding section to Ch. 3.10 Failed
Res. FY2022-02 Declaring Crayfish a Threatening Invasive Species 7/1/2021 Special
Res. FY2022-01 Establishing the Amount of Funds To Be Made Available from Local Sources for the Kodiak Island Borough School District for the Fiscal Year Beginning July 1, 2021 and Ending June 30, 2022 5/20/2021 Special
Ord. FY2022-03 Initiates ballot measure establishing parks and recreation service area, adding Ch. 4.150 and repealing Ch. 2.120 Failed
Ord. FY2022-02 Adopts FY2022 budget 6/3/2021 Special
Ord. FY2022-01 2021 tax levy 6/3/2021 Special
Ord. FY2021-41 Reestablishes boards, commissions and committees 5/20/2021 Codified
Ord. FY2021-40 Number not used