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A. A zoning compliance permit is required for site grading (excavation and fill), erection, construction, demolition, establishment, moving, alteration, enlargement, repair, or conversion of any building or structure in any district established by this title, subject to the following:

1. An application for zoning compliance will be filed with the community development department on a form provided by the department. If the application meets the requirements of this title, as verified in the department, and other applicable regulations, a permit will be issued. An as-built of the property may be required to ensure that applicable requirements can be met, when existing structures are located on the property. Any zoning compliance permit issued is subject to the same expiration, suspension, and revocation provisions as a building permit issued for the same construction project per currently adopted building code (KIBC 15.05.020).

2. No building permit shall be issued by a building official until the community development department has verified from the application for zoning compliance for a proposed building that it conforms and will be occupied for a use in conformity with the provisions and regulations of this title, except that this provision shall not apply to building permits for residential structures when no yard or height changes are involved. Any building permit issued in conflict with this title is null and void.

B. A zoning compliance permit is required for any structure, regardless of type of foundation or base support, including skid-mounted or other movable structure that also requires a building permit. Minor structural developments less than 200 square feet that do not require a building permit are not required to obtain a zoning compliance permit.

C. A zoning compliance permit is required for any change of use in a structure. [Ord. FY2021-19 §2, 2020; Ord. FY2018-19 §2, 2018; Ord. 93-64 §7, 1993; Ord. 92-17 §3, 1992; Ord. 92-04 §2, 1992; Ord. 85-11-O §1; Ord. 83-42-O §1, 1983; Ord. 81-54-O §1, 1981; prior code Ch. 5 subch. 2 §18. Formerly §17.03.060].