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A. Within 30 days after the commission has acted favorably upon a proposed zoning change in accordance with the above provisions, a report with recommendations shall be submitted to the assembly together with the proposed ordinance. Such recommendations of the commission shall be advisory only and shall not be binding upon the assembly. When an ordinance has been forwarded to the assembly, the assembly shall act in accordance with this chapter, and notice shall be issued as provided in KIBC 17.205.070 by the clerk.

B. If the commission recommends denial of any proposed amendment, its action shall be final unless the initiating party, within 20 days of the commission’s decision, files an appeal specifying the grounds thereof in writing with the borough clerk. [Ord. FY2018-14 §2, 2018; Ord. 93-20 §3, 1993; Ord. 83-58-O §1, 1983. Formerly §17.72.055].